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The Panel acknowledges the support of the National Project Secretariat (Secrétariat National du Projet) of the Pôles Intégrés de Croissance (PIC) Project and thanks the National Secretary (Secrétaire National du Projet) Eric Rakoto-Andriantsilavo for providing the assistance of his team in the Antananarivo headquarters office and in the poles of Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro) and Nosy be. Rollis Rakotosamimanana in Fort Dauphin and Tsiong Hotunken in Nosy be organized and facilitated the Panel’s field visits to provide a comprehensive view of the Project in their particular poles. In particular, the Panel wishes to thank Harizo Rasolomanana, Environmental and Social Expert [Responsable Environnement et Social], for providing a wealth of supporting documents and history, for organizing the overall program and visits of the Panel and accompanying the Panel in a dedicated fashion on a daily basis during their visits and interviews in Antananarivo and in the two growth poles. The Panel also thanks the Comité de Suivi Environnementale Régionale (CSER) and the QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM) team of Fort Dauphin.

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